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Blog 103

Name your Pinterest account - think "branding", "theme" and "keywords"

  • - include one or more keywords
  • Your account should have a theme, a persona, a style, a brand

  • mom
  • work at home mom
  • sporty
  • outdoorsy
  • artist
  • musician
  • intellectual
  • executive
  • sophisticated
  • fashion and jewelry collector
  • beauty and hair products
  • trend setter
  • trend follower
  • animal lover
  • dog lover
  • cat lover
  • horse lover
  • antique collector
  • bride-to-be
  • young adult
  • rebel
  • teenager
  • recipe collector - multiple categories

    Choose your business style then...
  • Flaunt your style - or the style you would like to have - or the style your preferred customers are following
  • Showcase the products you are offering in the most appealing display and soft natural light
  • Use themes to find keyword ideas
  • Keyword research - type in a keyword at the Pinterest search bar 
  • Make notes of all the suggestions - use the blocks under the search bar
  • Repeat this exercise frequently for SEO improvements and testing

    Set up a Pinterest account - Choose a business account

    Create some boards that fit the lifestyle of your target audience

  • Name your boards - use some keywords in the title and description
  • Select a category
  • Note that the categories are popular topics for searches on Pinterest
  • Select pins and categories that would appeal to your target customers
  • Select beautiful pins
  • Curate your pins to reflect the interests of your customers, not just your interests, and be consistent in your message
  • Your account should have at least six categories
  • Each board should have at least 10 pins, 50+ is better
  • Your categories should support your theme and a consistent identity
  • Pin from the search results
  • The more you pin to your boards, the more views your account will get
  • Pin the most attractive with the best content
  • Pin some things - use search to find appropriate pins
  • You can add information in the pin descriptions - keywords
  • Repeat this exercise frequently
  • Create some secret boards for pins only you can see
  • Move pins from secret boards to your public boards strategically

    Create your pins of your own products

  • Beautiful images are more important than content
  • But content is very important
  • Describe you product - enthusiastically - its purpose
  • Does it solves a problem
  • Does it creates a mood
  • Does it appeal to status 
  • Does it provide beauty - very important
  • Does it have an inspirational or encouraging message
  • Does it have a useful or helpful function
  • Is it appealing for moms with kids - clothes, stuffed animals, toys
  • Sarcasm and rudeness are not good business strategies
  • Create some boards just for your products
  • Occasionally, when pinning to your theme life style boards, include some pins of your products in an 80/20 ratio
  • Your product pins should have their own boards in the front two rows

    Your pins - include an image,  website, subtle watermark or logo

  • Pins should be vertical (height is twice width 600x300) Should include keywords
  • Name, website URL
  • Pins ARE the product
  • Pins MUST be beautiful
  • Pins MUST reflect your positive, charming personality
  • Text should be easy to read against the image face
  • Text written across the image face is not searchable or read by search engines

    Identify and Join Groups

    Search for pins related to your interests, hobbies and products you want to sell.
  • Click through to the pinner
  • Review pinner's boards for groups
  • Click on relevant board pins
  • Follow instructions on joining
  • Click on first board member (owner) if no other information is provided
  • Leave a message requesting to join the board
  • Join many boards that are not "sell" groups, to follow people with quality pins, and to gain followers
  • Some "sell" groups are useful, some not

    Join groups and pin to them.

    Follow people who post pins you like for your boards.

    Pin, Pin, Pin, Pin.

    You may find pinning addictive, but that's ok, it will bring you more followers and traffic.

    There is a lot more to come, including a book on getting the most out of Pinterest.

    Copyright 8/5/2017


    Gold from Pinterest
    Sell Art, Products and Services Online
    Blog 102

    Part Twenty-Three
    Continued from Part Twenty-Two

    Pinterest rewards beautiful images.

    Pinterest is an image based platform for shoppers.

    Beautiful images are repinned at high rates

  • which increases your visibility
  • because pinners are choosing images that appeal to them.

  • Beautiful images and incredible content are more important than SEO.

    Beautiful images are repinned more than other images by other Pinterest posters

    • and then repinned from there
    • and repinned and from there
    • and repinned into infinity
    • and last forever
    • like a room full of mirrors.

    The more people repin any pins from your account, the more visibility your account gets.

    Accounts that have 100,000 pins get more visibility than those with 10 pins

    The search formula favors active pinners.

    The more you pin  - 50 pins every day is best - the more Pinterest likes you.

    You do not need to contact other pinners in order to pin from their boards.

    Keep in mind there are copyright laws that apply to all images

    Pinning does not assume copyright control.

    Pinning someone else's images does not give you ownership of those images.

    Some people have been confused about the issue of ownership and have claimed ownership of other people's property, leading to fake limits on repinning priviledges.

    You can easily pin 10,000 pins just by searching Pinterest boards and pinning things you like to your boards (easy to find, easy to pin).

    You will want to set up boards that fit your lifestyle theme:

    • products
    • ideas
    • lifestyle
    • clothing
    • hobbies
    • crafts
    • DIY
    • recipes
    • weddings
    • home decor

    You can enjoy looking at them yourself and other pinners can find you.

    People will find you while they are searching for things that interest them - that you have pinned on your boards.

    Your personally created pins will be part of your Pinterest account.

    You will weave your personal pins into the fabric of your tapestry by

  • creating boards that only have your pins on them
  • and adding your pins across other boards you have created.

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is established by

  • the title of the pin
  • the description of the pin
  • the pin description includes your business contact information
  • the image on the pin
  • the pin image includes your business contact information
  • the height of the pin  (recommend height to be twice the width)
  • the name of the board
  • the description of the board
  • the title of the account
  • the account title includes your business contact information
  • the description of the account
  • accuracy and imagination are important

  • Information included directly on the pin's image is not read by any search engines.

    Each of your personally created pins should include business contact information, such as a website address.

    High volume activity posting your images and repinning other pins increases the value of all your pins in the public search results.

    Search for themes you like

    • Follow people who have pins you like  
    • Repin their pins to your boards.

    Following other pinners
    • copies their pins as they update their boards
    • many of them will show up in your feed
    • revisit their boards to repin more content
    • subjects you repin will influence the pins that show up in your feed.

    If they like your beautiful images and/or incredible content, they will follow you and repin from your boards.

    People usually follow boards of interest which may be reciprocated.

    The more boards you have
    • the more visitors you will get
    • the more people will follow you
    • the more likely people will buy your product.

    Create a few subject boards for beautiful images and incredible content from others to supplement your lifestyle-theme.

    Continue to create subject boards on a continuous basis.

    Share freely = more views = more followers = more views = more sales.

    What you share comes back to you.

    It multiplies.

    Create your number one premium board for your beautiful images and incredible content that illustrates a lifestyle or theme that includes and illustrates your product.

    A successful pin
    • attracts attention
    • holds the viewer
    • connects to something the viewer wants or needs
    • is repinned by the viewer to his/her Pinterest board
    • where it can continue being repinned into infinity.

    You will gain followers if you are an active pinner and become a source of beautiful and incredible content.

    No "friending or sharing of personal information" is necessary to repin or follow.

    Copyright information should be subtle but recognizable on all images and content.

    Pinterest does not reward vulgar or violent content/images.

    Copyright 4/26/2017


    Fine Art Blog
    Part Twenty Two
    Pinterest Sales
    How to sell on Pinterest
    Art, Products and Services
    (Continued from Part Twenty One)

    Pinterest pins last forever and ever and can be seen by millions.

    Use Pinterest for your benefit.

    Home decorating, recipes, DIY and weddings are high interest pins on Pinterest.

    Every store in the world has been an inspiration for at least one other person, just as you have been inspired by others.  
    • Don't be afraid of a few people copying.
    • Keep creating.
    • Post low resolution photographs, 72 dpi with a legible and low impact logo or text i.d.
    • There is no penalty on Pinterest for identifying marks, they are expected and encouraged, but they should not be overwhelming.
    • Copyright - keep files with screen shots, dated photographs and dated files on your computer, in case you have to prove your copyright.
    • Copyright - keep file photos on Facebook in an album, which can be public or private. Facebook dates every post, which can be used to prove your copyright.
    • Copyright - keep file photos of your products on Twitter.  Twitter dates and keeps your posts, which can prove your copyright.
    Research and pin photos from Pinterest.
    • Do your research, pin lots of things from others that you like to develop your brand and lifestyle in themed boards. 
    • Set up boards for your images, products, stock.
    • Set up lots of boards of complimentary lifestyle items.
    • Mix your items (with subtlety) into all the boards. 
    • When you pin items directly from your website, Pinterest makes a link back to your website inside the pin, so a click on your pin takes them to your website.
    • Or add a link to your website in a keyword rich description.
    Your brand is composed of your lifestyle images and themes on your boards.

    The images on your boards are setting the stage and telling a story for your products.
    Sales - Pinterest is not a store that you rent or pay fees to for your sales. It does not have rules on how to run your business.

    Sales - Pinterest will not interfere in your managing of your business policies.

    Sales - You have to have your own website or selling site for sales.

    Copyrights of Artists.
    • Issues - Pinterest will delete images after receiving a notice of unauthorized use of an image.
    • Issues - Website owners can use code to block Pinterest pinning off of their web images.
    • Issues - Pinning off of Google and websites can result in infringement complaints, but the benefits of being on Pinterest are very positive and most artists accept it.
    • Issues - Pinterest is a pinning site, members are encouraged to pin from outside sources - being sensitive to the property of others, giving full credit to the owner and not representing it as your own.

    Estmates are that about 150,000,000 users a month are using Pinterest as of Oct 2016.
    • At least half of the users are looking for something to buy.
    • Pinterest sales from click thru and referrals average $80 per sale, compared to $40 on other platforms.
    • Total number of Pinterest pins is approximately 50 billion.
    • Pinterest appeals primarily to women but men are rapidly increasing in numbers.
    • Pinterest is for window shopping, direct shopping and has its own search engine.

    Your pins have an automatic link back to the source, such as your website if you pin from your website instead of from your computer.  You can add links to any of your website pages in the description by typing in the page url where you want to link.

    When you pin something, it has a shelf life of months, years, and forever, because they don't go away and can be recycled indefinitely.

    Your images can be repinned by other users. They can be seen from space. The international space station has internet.

    Google reads Pinterest descriptions and shows pins in their search results.

    Only Facebook has more traffic. Facebook is less of a search engine and more of a social club.

    There are no marketing costs unless you choose to use their promotions.

    Provide good, detailed, useful descriptions and keywords for searches.

    • What is it made out of - leather, brass, linen, cotton, gem stones, and more?
    • Who is it for - mom, dad, husband, wife, child, significant other and more?
    • What does it do that is useful and enjoyable and will improve my life?
    • What is the connection to your lifestyle brand?
    • What is the look and feel of the brand products?

    Add value.

    • Show your product in action.
    • Offer coupons or discounts as a call to action.
    • Solve a problem.
    • Present your leadership skills and expertise..
    • Show how your product is going to improve their lives.
    • Let them know you have what they want or need through image and text - visual attraction.
    • Let them know what action they should take - what steps - to enjoy your illustrated lifestyle.
    • Let them know you have the most unique and beautiful things that they have yet to see or imagine.
    • Surprise them with beauty.
    • Let them explore how to expand their world.
    • Keywords - search terms - specific products.

    Include customer testimonials.

    The majority of users are shoppers - looking for things to buy.

    They are also looking for things to do, or to make, or to save, or to look at, or enjoy on lifestyle boards.


    • Photos of your products illustrate your brand and personal lifestyle in action in attractive settings.
    • Your images should include a variety of things that have beauty and personality - to learn, improve, enrich and/or buy - that are actionable.
    • You are sharing interesting things in an interesting format to expand or create new interests.
    • Lead them through the process of steps to follow using information and a gentle call to action.

    Show images on your boards from other people that enhance your brand and lifestyle with activities, locations and products.

    Setting up your Pinterest boards - extremely simple procoss.

    • Open a business account using your business name.
    • Create a board - click the box - name the board - write a description with keywords.
    • Create a pin - click the box - select an image from your computer folders (or your website) - select a board.
    • Create a pin - click the box - pin an image from your website - creates a live link to your site whenever your link/image is clicked - select a board.
    • Create more boards.
    • Pin from other people's boards.
    • Pin about 50 pins a day.
    • Pin one of your pins every day along with other people's pins.  You can repost your pins.
    • High volume pinners are more interesting, draw more visitors and get found in searches more often.

    Photography is "make or break" for you.

    • The most appealing details should be sharp and clear.
    • Action shots are high value.
    • Pins should be attractive and informational.
    • Pins can show 3 or 4 views of your product.
    • Pins should include your identity and product information -visual or text.
    • Long pins are the most effective.
    • The platform is a vertical layout.
    • Pins can be as large as 4.1 inches by 8.3 inches, 300x600 pixels at 72 pixels per inch (web standard).
    • Your logo or text should be small but legible in a corner of the image.
    • Images and text on the pin are not readable or searchable by the search engine.
    • Keywords and information are added under the pin in the description.

    Pinterest provides statistics about views and saves.

    Pinterest does not require establishing personal relationships for viewing of boards.

    Pinterest rewards volume pinning, which comes naturally because the site is overwhelmingly loaded with great content.

    Pinterest does not encourage or reward sharing personal information in order to make sales.

    "Following" is useful and optional.
    • There are some individuals who don't want to be followed or repinned.
    • Some want to be followed but not repinned.
    • They have pinned all kinds of insulting pins which you may or may not see until after they block you.
    • Don't be swayed by this nonsense.
    • Pinterest fully approves of repinning, it is the foundation of the platform.
    • Pinterest has created secret boards that allow you to pin confidentially.
    • Following will bring excellent content you enjoy into your feed and may gain you some followers.

    Pinterest searches will bring people to your boards, based on keywords and visuals.

    Take note of dates on infographics while researching specific information on Pinterest, many are out of date.  If something gets repinned, there is no way to get it back to change it.

    There are many Pinterest instruction videos on Youtube.

    Copyright 4-4-2017


    Fine Art Blog
    Part Twenty One
    Pinterest Sales
    Free Advertising for Art.

    Free Advertising

    Completely free - Pinterest

    • Side Note: Pinterest offers sponsored ads.
    • Create lovely galleries of your art for free.

    Create as many galleries as you want.

    Post each piece of art in several of your galleries.

    You can have a gallery for each painting if you want.

    1.  Create a painting.
    • Scan it on a home scanner.
    • Scanners come with printers, copiers and faxes for under $100.  You can combine sections in your computer if your painting is larger than the scanner.
    • Use an inexpensive software program like Adobe Elements (AE) or Paint Shop Pro (PSP).
    • Search Google for instructions on how to use AE or PSP.
    • Use AE or PSP to fine tune and correct flaws.
    • Add a frame around it in AE or PSP called a "canvas."
    • Canvas can be twelve inches tall and four inches wide.
    2.  Your painting is now surrounded by a "canvas," which is an area for information, but is not readable in searches.
    • Add any text that is relevant, including a title, description, announcements. 
    • Text should include your website name and your name.
    • Canvas should be tall, so the pinned image stands out on the page.
    • Text on the canvas is not readable by search engines.
    • Add a color to the canvas.
    • Add a color line around the canvas, called a frame.
    • Add a small copyright on top of your painting without it overwhelming the art.
    • Save as a jpeg.
    3.  Upload onto your Pinterest account in one or more of your galleries.
    • Post your SEO text and announcements under the pinned image in the description. 
    • This is where you concentrate on SEO to get into the Pinterest search and Google search. 
    • Identify the subject clearly, the important message you want to convey, the purpose for which it can be used, your website and your name.
    • Don't use a vague, mystical title at the beginning of the text; it can be added at the end.
    4.  Name a board(s) the SEO phrase you want to be found in for search in Pinterest and Google.
    • Use SEO keywords on titles of boards, names of paintings and their descriptions.
    • The Search bar on Pinterest will give you suggestions based on popular searches when you type in a word.
    • Use words that show up in the search bar for keywords.

    SEO is a very complicated study.  More information can be found in Google searches and Youtube.

    You can use hashtags on Pinterest.

    Pinterest Pins - the more you pin, the more likely you will get likes and repins and will move up in search.

    • Set up multiple galleries called "boards" with content that is complementary to your art and lifestyle so that people will be drawn to your boards and find your art.
    • Pinterest is for you and your potential followers.
    • Pin items that may be of interest to others even if it isn't your favorite.
    • Pinterest provides many ways to search for interesting subject matter to save on your boards.
    • The more you pin to your boards, the more attention you will get.
    • Search Pinterest daily for information and images to pin to your boards.
    • Be careful about copyrights.  
    • Pins on Pinterest are copyrighted by their creators.
    • Post daily at different times to reach more visitors.
    • People who follow a lot of people do not get everything in their feeds.
    • After a few days you can repost them again, ideally at a different time of day.
    • You can create some new galleries to pin them into.
    • It will be easier for you to get found in searches on Pinterest than on a single personal website.
    People use Pinterest to search for things they want, such as art.  Your art can start showing up in searches for art.

    These sites are searched by Google.
    • Facebook artist pages 
    • Pinterest boards 
    • Pinterest posts for art blogs
    • Twitter posts
    • Blogspot posts
    • Linkedin profiles

    These social media sites are searched by Google.

    Instagram is not searched because the accounts are private, but I have heard there is an app that will allow Google to search an Instagram account.


    Copyright 3-14-2017


    Fine Art Blog
    Part Twenty
    SEO for Art (Cont).

    Words are critical in SEO.

    Photographs are critical in SEO.

    Words are strategic.

    Photographs reveal the priceless qualities of your art.

    Words can nurture that "love at first sight" for your art.

    Photographs of your art will reach out to the viewer and connect.

    Words can describe art in terms that are personal and relatable from your real memories or from your imagination.

    Photographs of your art must be high quality.

    Online the most important words for search engines are located at the top of the page followed by words in the description.

    Photographs of your art should be considered part of your art profile.

    Try new things. Serendipity is the artist's friend. Be different.

    Sales process - all are essential:

    • Words are about 5%.
    • Compelling photographs are about 5%.
    • Art is about 90%.
    • SEO is very important but because of competition in the marketplace, SEO alone is not enough to create an art career.

    The name (SEO) you give to your painting is a selling point. 

    • "Street Scene in Nebraska" is not as artistic as "Sunset at a Charming Outdoor French Cafe while a pair of lovers share a romantic dinner." 
    • It can remind you of a romantic meal you once had at a lovely sidewalk cafe with someone you loved, maybe dozens of years ago.  
    • All the memories and emotions of that tme come back to you.  At this moment you are taken there again.  
    • It's a connection. 
    • It's a feeling that you enjoy.  
    • "Sunset Outdoor French Cafe lovers romantic dinner" are potential keywords.
    • A lot of art is given as gifts so it has to be "friendly."

    The subject has to be important to the viewer.  

    A painting of the Grand Canyon will renew feelings of awe in someone who has been there accompanied by a person(s) very precious to them.  It will be of almost no interest to someone who has not been there.

    Identify the attributes and uses of your art that make it unique and interesting.

    • Be different
    • Subject
    • Colors
    • Theme
    • Medium
    • Size
    • Hidden message (joy, love, uplifting, anger, sadness, depression)
    • Locale as the subject
    • Locale/room for final display
    • Who would like this art if they received it as a gift
    • Offered on the right products - gifts, decor, mugs, flags, clothes, etc 
    • Trends/fads come and go quickly - don't invest heavily

    Steps in the sale.

    • SEO will help you get found in search.
    • Great photography of your art will do most of the selling for you. (Great closeups, use a plain light color background)
    • Tell everyone about your online presence - shop, gallery, page, boards, etc.
    • Learn how to use Social Media.

    Free advertising,

    • SEO is about 50% of success in gaining attention
    • Real content is the other 50%
    • Pinterest - search engine - set up your own gallery for free
    • Facebook - search engine - set up your own gallery for free
    • Twitter - share your content, including images, for free
    • Linkedin - set up your own gallery for free
    • Google - search engine
    • Instagram  - search engine - set up your own gallery for free
    • Etsy - search engine - pay $.20 per listing and renewals, sales fees
    • Ebay - pay only if you sell

    Social Media.

    • Social Media is about being social.
    • People who post only their own sale products on social media are mostly ignored.
    • Social Media is about giving encouragement and support.
    • One in four posts (or less) should be about your business.
    • Share positive material.
    • Encourage others.
    • Being nice is more important than all the advertising you can buy.

    People like to see:

    • Lots of quality content
    • Pleasant, bright, great photographs of your art
    • All things being equal - the photographs of your art will make the sale
    • Description
    • Story
    • Work in progress photos
    • Description of processes
    • Share details of techniques used to establish something unique.
    • Share content about the search for a subject and the challenge of capturing the unique personality of it.
    • Story - artistic license allows for a little embellishment, but if you go too far you won't be able to remember it when you need it.
    • Video
    • Video transcript
    • Be different

    Your art.

    • Be different.
    • Be unique.
    • Be colorful.
    • Be popular - visible everywhere.
    • Be relevant - have a message that is meaningful.
    • Post frequently - update and renew listings.
    • Make conversions - views - favorites - sales.
    • Don't just paint things you like.
    • Consider the marketplace.
    • Think like a customer.


    • Titles 
    • Descriptions, using keywords at the beginning with a descriptive text.
    • Unique, different product title and descriptions.
    • Google search engine has about 80% of web searches using a formua which changes without notice  
    • You should search any possible keywords 
    • Examine the lists provided by Google in the results
    • Examine the resulting websites that come up in the Google results
    • Record the search terms in the menu on the Google search bar
    • Record the search terms at the bottom of the Google search page
    • Your content has to be relevant to your product.  
    • Google will reward you for valuable content.
    • Adjusting the SEO will move your site around in the search results


    SEO Development.

    • Description of the product
    • Title of the content
    • URL - website page name should be brief and descriptive for search engines and visitors
    • ALT tags - descriptions for images that are read by search engines and assistive devices for the visually impaired
    • Repetition should be minimal
    • Do not repeat the word "art" over and over in text. It's  called "keyword stuffing" and is penalized by search engines.
    • Words that are written into an image are not searchable or read by search engines.
    • Content should be current and updated frequently to appeal to search engines.
    • Images should be accompanied by descriptive keywords.

    Search education.

    • There are many blogs, forums and groups that offer insight into the roller coaster world of SEO, which can be found through Google search.


    Copyright 2-21-2017


    Fine Art Blog
    Part Nineteen
    SEO for Art.

    Search Engine Optimization - what you need to know.

    Help your customers find your beautiful art.

    Search Google for "art."  Click on Google images.

    I don't know how they choose the images, but with millions of images to choose from, they most likely change frequently.

    There are minimum requirements that have to be met to be included in a search - Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

    It's not about how good your art is, it is about the search words you use to describe your art.  This is one reason that some art sells while some very high quality art doesn't get any attention so it isn't sold.

    It's not about the evaluation of the art - the following are not keywords:

    • Visual beauty
    • Work of art
    • Creative skill
    • Fabulous Images

    It is about using the words that potential customers use to search.

    Search terms used by customers - are the keywords that you should use to describe your art.

    I want an art print for a nursery with a baby theme.  I search Google for "art prints baby animals."  I do not search for "art" or "pretty pictures" because I know the results will be mostly irrelevant to my search.

    • How does Google know what to show me?
    • Google searches for the keywords "art" "prints" "baby" "animals" that have been posted by artists on their images on the internet.
    • This grouping is called "long tail keywords," multiple words in a phrase that narrow the search.
    • A search for "art" is a simple search for a keyword and the computer cannot judge art.
    • Google does not look for pictures of baby animals, it looks for the keywords posted by the artist.

    Finding keywords is the SEO puzzle.

    SEO is a moving target.

    A good keyword may fall in and out of use as a search term.

    Searches for gifts are keywords that are used every day.  Holiday keywords are used within the sales season, about eight to 12 weeks, depending on the season and complexity of creating the product.

    • Christmas gift
    • Valentine's Day gift
    • Gift (for) mother 
    • Gift father
    • Gift wife 

    It is your responsibility to provide the keywords in as many places as possible:

    • Title of your art/painting/sculpture (in your description you can have an artistic title)
    • "Description" of your art 
    • "About" section 
    • Tags (if space is provided)
    • URL of the page
    • Domain name of website
    • Title of video
    • Description of video
    • Transcript of video

    Writing about your art
    • Avoid excessive repetition of words or phrases
    • Write as you would speak normally - sentences should be brief and flow comfortably 
    • Describe the unique or interesting method for creating it
    • Describe the medium and materials used
    • Describe the special reason for your choice of colors, subject and design
    • Describe the size and materials being purchased, print, canvas, watercolor paper, etc
    • Briefly list awards, galleries, pubications, education, experience

    Suggestions for art keywords

    • Abstract
    • Animation
    • Architecture
    • Artwork
    • Art of designing
    • Art object 
    • Art piece
    • Baby
    • Beginner
    • Canvas
    • Caricature
    • Cartoon
    • Carved
    • Children's art
    • Collector's piece
    • Color scheme
    • Comic strip
    • Composition
    • Custom art
    • Design
    • Doodle
    • Drawing
    • Embroider
    • Etching
    • Exhibit
    • Fashion
    • Framed
    • Funny drawing
    • Gallery
    • Graphics
    • Impressionism
    • Ink
    • Intricate design
    • Kitchen art
    • Knickknack
    • Landscape
    • Lessons
    • Likeness
    • Masterpiece
    • Motif
    • Mug with art
    • Museum
    • Oil painting
    • Original
    • Nursery art
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