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Blog 104<BR>9-5-2020<BR>Trump tries to defund Social Security by executive order<BR>Republicans may vote for a Democrat<BR>Congress - Senate - Run for Office<BR>We need you<BR>    - how to run for office<BR>    - 30 TRILLION BAD TAX CUTS  <BR>    - A gimmick to enrich the Donors<BR>

Trump is trying to cancel funding of Social Security by signing a piece of paper. He brags about the "greatest tax cuts ever." Know your republican administration. There is no Social Security surplus. It was squandered on tax cuts for the wealthy to the horrific result of a 30 trillion national debt, which was equal to the economy before the pandemic. A tax cut on payroll tax is a defunding of the Social Security program. If you stop contributing to Social Security - there will be no Social Security payments to anyone. Mitch McConnell claimed on national tv that Social Security caused the national debt. Trump notified us on national tv that he would be cutting Social Security. and he said wages were too high. Social Security has always been profitable.

Watch how Congress spends money, efforts to stop the budget deficits and national debt - and their positions on common sense gun control. Check your city and county website for info on the candidates to vote by mail or vote early.

Observations From an Independent Voter.

We need you to run for office and vote.

The results of the 2018 mid-term election prove that diversity is respected in America. It also shows that a heart to serve will take you a long way.

7/2/2019 Big Money Donors choosing a presidential candidate to protect the money gained from the illegal tax cuts. It was reported in the news that two of the big money donors, one Democrat and a Republican, known for his efforts to pass the recent Republican tax cuts, have joined forces to make changes in the upcoming election.

Most likely they are interested in someone and may already have an agreement by a handshake. This would be someone who has worked within the big money donor process, who understands and accepts that big money donors get rewarded with astronomical tax cuts. You will be able to find out by seeing and hearing a lot of praise for one candidate on TV, in emails, phone surveys - always - choose between two candidates, etc.

American citizens with modest incomes get almost nothing except the deficits. How are you going to ever pay two trillion dollars which is the deficit just for the 2018 tax year? Big money donors are exempt from paying any of it by the tax code. There are untold abuses of the tax code and loopholes - to avoid paying taxes on large incomes, while hard working Americans are getting robbed. The whole thing needs a review.

The Economic Policy Institute lists the average annual income of the top 1% is $1,300,000 and the average income of other Americans is $50,100. They get millions in reverse welfare. President Trump and the Republican party are against raising the minimum wage. Drag and copy for the video.

They make millions and billions polluting the environment - what incentive do they have to clean up the air and water? Big donors - no need to be concerned.

Daylight is the best disinfectant. Keeping the horrific deficits/national debt as critical issues in the election will help to nullify the effect of these large donations. The Republicans have borrowed one trillion dollars for another year of corporate tax cuts and want to cut capital gains taxes also - but there are no tax cuts for you.

The deficits are common knowledge and are often in the news - just not with a full explanation of how they grew so quickly. We pay interest on that debt. Alan Greenspan, former Fed Bank chairman, said in a recent TV interview that the deficits will create inflation, and attacked Social Security. Drag and copy for the video.

Identifying who got all the money will help Americans realize that capitalism is the great American money grab for the filthy rich and it has cannibalized democracy. All options have to be open for discussion for dealing with the national debt along with other forms of relief, financial assistance for college, etc.

We really outnumber the filthy rich. They can't rig the election as long as Americans think for themselves, listen to what is really being said, and look at all the candidates. There will be a lot of ads and news stories that are grossly misleading coming out of every direction. Having a social media presence somewhere is useful for outreach, saying something interesting and building a relationship of trust with voters. President Trump uses Twitter to influence his supporters and "spin" things to make him look good to them. He also uses it to make people mad. When you're mad you are very likely to make mistakes.

The poll numbers can be easily manipulated. I read that Michael Cohen ran a fixed poll to elevate Donald Trump at least once. I have seen several polls that only had two names to choose from - and no other options.

Change isn't quick or easy. We can expect it will take two election cycles for substantive changes. This is a horrible mess with never ending deficits. They give us the debt and try to take away our rights.

Call it any name - socialism - it's democracy - the minimum wage, health care for all (multi systems), Social Security and Medicare - necessary and accurate medical care given to the elderly, who are reporting alarming denials of necessary medicines and treatment because of budget cuts. Women's health, human rights and gun safety are pressing issues.

Everyone should remember that the polls are often wrong and can change overnight. Between now and the election we may see a lot of unexplained variations. There will be a lot of first time voters who will not be included in the polls. Gun safety is a huge issue for them and many of us.

6/2/2019 Georgia "corrects" the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. Lawmakers from Georgia wrote a "Sanctity of Life Bill" that became law along with the exclusive Trump-Republican tax cut of a 1.4 trillion dollars for the richest people in America. 99% of the wealth is theirs, so they most likely got 98% of the tax cut.

The Bill announces that life begins at conception and that all states are authorized to protect it. This is an incredibly huge declaration to be made in secret, for the benefit of the whole world especially by people without medical qualifications. They feel their "religious conviction" can stand without empirical evidence - that an egg of microscopic size is "a person" immediately upon fertilization.

The strength and weakness of this position is that it is a sincere religious conviction, binding on a person who voluntarily accepts it. It is obsessive to attempt to force it on others who have equally compelling and sincere reasons to not accept it. The argument that this is proof of Christianity can be measured against the total lack of pro-life response to the mass murders by legal assault weapons.

This isn't a Disney movie with a happy ending. We live in a world with many harsh realities, which include low minimum wage, no health care, no child care, hunger, homelessness, mental health issues, illness, deadbeat fathers and more. We all love babies and nobody wants to have an abortion.

In the last few weeks there has been an organized, cruel attack on women's health rights by many states, clearly standing on top of their "new religious law." They expected the new "conservative, religious leaning" Supreme Court indebted to Donald Trump to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Donald Trump stated on TV that women have to be punished for having abortions. He has been clear he supports all efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.
(See link below.)

Drag your cursor across the link, copy and paste in the browser.

Abortion laws vary across the U.S by state.

Roe v. Wade

Congress ---

ACLJ ---

We want to believe that the Supreme Court will follow precedent, but unfortunately, any number of influences could cause large or small setbacks that will require legislation to repair.

We need you to run for office, vote, and encourage others to vote for people who do not have big money donors. Big money donors drive the agenda for the people indebted directly or indirectly, to donations.

It has been reported that many members of the Republican Congress were coerced into voting for the 1.4 trillion tax cut.

We can take most of the money out of politics, get substantial returns of the tax cut money back in the U.S. Treasury, and change the goals of legislators, within two election cycles. We have to find and vote for a government "for the people and by the people."

5/22/2019 "Abortion Punishment" by Donald Trump.

Keep "State lawmakers" out of your uterus.
Run for office. Vote.

There is no such thing as "state managed women's reproductive health." Not since the Nazis did it.

First, consider the constitutional requirement of Separation of Church and State. Second, contrary to religious legalism, there are many God fearing believers who see God's mercy, compassion and forgiveness in His Word, in the cross, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - that He always forgives. Third, without understanding His forgiveness, they usually are willing to accept forgiveness for themselves only. Religious legalism is always intolerant.

As the referenced video shows, Donald Trump feels it is necessary to punish women for having abortions. He stated this is his religious view. Among religious people, there are differing opinions. Demanding punishment by the "state" is an extremely rare opinion. God forgives - because He said He would forgive. The development of a fetus into a person is something that is guessed at.

Not everybody is wealthy, covered with great health insurance, living in a nice home, new car, lovely child care provider, well fed with good mental and physical health, and money for the kid's college. Even the wealthy have problems, like drug/alcohol addiction, depression, mental health issues, under age minor, etc.

Some people can't pay a hospital bill for a newborn baby - and will never have the money. They might have a car, but could be living in it, no child care, maybe have a job, but get only minimum wage without sick days, no health care, and maybe get food stamps which don't pay enough to have three meals a day. but not diapers, clothes, etc.

Most people agree on termination for rape or incest, or threat to the mother. In any crisis, it's a difficult decision. Only the woman and her doctor need to discuss it. It doesn't require the "state" to make a judgement - the state is not the king over the citizens, or slave owner or God. It is also necessary for the "state" to take more interest in an assault weapon ban as a "pro-life" issue.

This is the link to the video of Donald Trump discussing the need for a punishment. The current rash of anti-abortion bills seem to have his fingerprints on them - emboldened by his campaign promises and new conservative judge appointments. Scroll along the link and paste it in your browser.

We need you to run for office and/or help someone else.

We need you to vote to keep women's health "private."

5/17/2019 SLAVERY ? ALABAMA ? The Constitution does not give any individual, government or organization the authority to force women to bear children against their will. In Alabama they wrote a bill straight out of TV "Criminal Minds" where women are forced to bear children and doctors are put in jail for life for trying to save them.

Nobody wants to have an abortion. It is excruciating to make that decision. We ask for prayer for God's grace to bring peace where hearts and minds are in turmoil - it feels like a physical beating. Making abortion illegal will make abortions very dangerous, but it will not stop them.

Offering resources to help women in this situation is a great, unmet need, such as free child care. Women generally find there is a cultural bias against women having children who can't afford to have them so help if any, is given somewhat grudgingly. Many people resent money spent on food stamps to help the poor feed their kids.

To keep this medical procedure safe, please offer your assistance to Democrat candidates.There are Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Privacy Rights laws to protect women. This is a Republican initiative to overturn these laws. They are the people who support the NRA no matter how many children and neighbors are killed in mass shootings. The hypocrisy is glaring.

4/14/2019, "DROP DEAD, NO MONEY for entitlements."
Mr. Alan Greenspan, former Fed Chairman says the aging population is the problem. There is nobody more dangerous than your elderly parents -- to a Republican.

He said he was right about 60% of the time when he was on the Fed (wrong 40%).

He was the Fed chairman for two decades, appointed by Reagan until 2006 and supported the Bush tax cuts which have created a 28 trillion dollar national debt, and helped only the rich.

He and his fellow Republicans think YOU have no reasonable expectation that the government will use your tax payments to Social Security and Medicare for your benefit.

He is mocking Americans who paid for Social Security and Medicare with their tax dollars. Currently, the tax scam has wiped out any current Social Security and Medicare payments by tax payers.

Republicans thought they could reduce the obscene deficits by making the Trump tax cuts permanent for corporations, and the personal tax cuts were stopped. Wrong.

In reality, if the rich were slightly less rich, just slightly less greedy, it would create a stronger middle class that would be accessible to the poor - who would buy more goods and services. The more people who have disposable income, the more it stimulates the economy. Even rich people can only buy so many tv sets, furniture, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, clothes, cars, etc. A decent minimum wage would benefit everyone - significantly for retail sellers.

Mr. Greenspan prefers spending the Social Security funds for illegal tax cuts to the 1% of Americans who have 90% (or more) of the wealth so they can get richer.

It has been the policy of the federal government for many years to announce a pending shortfall and postpone the denial of benefits as long as possible, which since they spent all the Social Security money, there is stuff hitting the fan now. This is the first year Social Security payments by tax payers will not make a "profit."

He thinks only people who got in on the tax cut money grab, like himself (93 years old) should get medical care. I was thinking of the millions of people who could die without health care because HE DIDN'T THINK THEY DESERVED TO LIVE... He thinks he deserves to live longer than all your family, while he is spending your money he got out of the U.S. Treasury.

Your elderly parents could die without health care because they aren't wealthy. Nonsense. This is a fight for every American.

The last thing the Republicans want is health care for everyone, which is why they are fighting it. They prefer you drop dead as soon as possible. There are videos here where they explain their true intentions, not the fake stuff you have been hearing.

They have strategy meetings to plot your anxiety triggers so you won't really hear exactly what they are saying. You hear "entitlement reform" and don't realize that they are talking about an early death for you.

Then they go off on ridiculous claims to distract you and keep you emotionally overwrought, create a problem and then say they are the only ones that can fix it.

They embezzled money that was collected by law from tax payers for specific appropriations and used it for their personal gain. Appropriated funds that have been used illegally - for persona use - have to be paid back.

Mitch McConnell and other Senators claim the tax payers didn't really make enough payments and that Social Security created our deficit. He has never told his own voters what he is doing to them. (link for video below)

There are more middle class and working poor than there are rich people. You just have to vote to save Social Security and Medicare. If they cut it more, it will become meaningless.

We just need people in public office who don't have "donor poisoning" from those same wealthy people claiming you owe them tax cuts in exchange for their donations.

Mr. Greenspan didn't mention immigration or the border wall. So in terms of the economy, in his opinion, they have no negative impact... just your elderly parents.

To a Republican, nobody is as dangerous as your elderly parents. So make sure they vote.

"Democratic Socialism" is an attempt to describe all the benefits you receive now that someone else fought to win for you... against "hard core capitalists." .Those are things like a 40 hour work week and women's vote and more.

Capitalism is the belief that you can rise to great wealth and power by (1) destroying the planet, (2) alienating the members of your community towards each other, (3) hate everyone and everything and (4) nobody matters but you, (5) money is the measure of a person's value, (6) make money your God.

We appreciate the many people who have spoken out against these policies. We know there are many who are willing to work to alleviate this disaster.

Drag this link, copy it and paste into your browser for the interview.

Alan Greenspan said. "If we are right 60 percent of the time in forecasting, we are doing exceptionally well; that means we are wrong 40 percent of the time, Forecasting never gets to the point where it is 100 percent accurate."

3/15/2019 The National Rifle Association (NRA) has members in most organizations, including churches, conservative political groups and corporations. The NRA is mostly people who benefit financially directly or indirectly from selling guns and ammo. The second amendment is used with cruelty to bully concerned citizens and victims. Nobody is trying to get rid of all guns.

Persuasion or money donations by the NRA have created a wall of silence by community and organization leaders as the slaughter continues.

It should be the reverse. The NRA should be under the influence of American communities, which brings us to the current initiative to change the way we vote for political leaders.

Other issues such as climate change and violations of financial regulations, such as attempts to cut Social Security and Medicare, while giving immoral and illegal cash giveaways to the wealthy, have brought America into a "perfect storm."

Communities could easily get majority support for common sense gun control as has been shown in polling. The more voices, the more powerful the message.

Your vote is critical.

Nobody needs a machine gun (sold as assault rifles). Military has stated that assault rifles are the same as weapons of war being used by our armed forces overseas. Guns need some reasonable restrictions.

There are many citizen groups already working to establish safety standards. They will gladly give support in public persuasion and transition to safety standards for gun control.

3/13/2019 Capitalism is cannibalizing the economy it was designed to support.

It destroyed the U.S. Treasury with artificially created debt.

It embezzled all the Social Security surplus.

It took five trillion in tax cuts for donor greed since 2001 and gave us out of control pollution to add insult to injury.

We have evidence, links provided.

The new budget proposed by the administration has used a worn out gimmick to cite expected gains from identifying waste and fraud to cover the cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - which has never worked.

It means you won't have enough money for anything and nobody will give you medical care if there is no money for it.

It also includes renewing last year's tax cuts of 1.5 trillion which gave us a 2.2 trillion deficit.

Democratic Socialism could be called anything and it would be demonized by the opposition.

The actual intent is to give government back to the voters instead of to a few who have highjacked all the money and created a monstrous debt at the U.S. Treasury.

Their tax laws have written them out of any liability for the fund loss and debts they created for their personal use.

They get you with empty promises and create laws that will only benefit the voters as leftovers from the donors.

Politics is not what you think it is.

Talking points snare your emotions and cause you act and vote for things that don't benefit you at all.

As with all things, acting in anger will not resolve political issues. I have found myself getting angry which has no value.

Immigration and abortion are political hot buttons. There are a lot of things that can be done for "prevention" on both issues but it takes resources, not condemnation.

You hear something that fits your beliefs and they know they will probably get your vote, because they didn't mention they are cutting out all your rights and financial stability behind closed doors.

You can pray first for wisdom and be surprised how the Lord works.

Jesus came to save the world, not to condemn it. You are here for a reason. Ask Him to be the Lord of your life. Yes, we are all hypocrites at times, the churches, politics and the bars are full of them. But our relationship with God is not conditional on being anywhere near perfect. He loves you and He can make something beautiful out of your mess. He did it for me.

3/1/2019 We need you to run for Congress, local and state government, city council, etc.

We need you to register to vote in the primaries and general elections.

We need you to save Social Security, Medicare and our planet.

We need you to stop the "machine guns" killing our kids and neighbors.

We need you to protect our American citizen rights. Check your county, city and state websites for information on positions available in local governments.

Our government is throwing away our planet's resources and stability..

Learn the path to public office - the best way is to help a serving official and to help a candidate to get elected. Scroll to the end for more information.

We need you to save the U.S. Treasury from irresponsible and illegal gifting to enrich the wealthy.

Recent public information:
NBC, Meet the Press, November 19, 2018, ANDREA MITCHELL, Program Host, spoke to MICK MULVANEY, Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Here are a few shortened quotes.

ANDREA MITCHELL ...the middle class tax cuts, the individual tax cuts, they expire in a decade. The corporate tax cuts are permanent.

MICK MULVANEY...We're using what's called the Byrd rule in the Senate.
We're using reconciliation so that we only need 50 votes in the Senate instead of 60. In order to do that the certain proposals can only have certain economic impact. And one of the ways to game the system is to make things expire.

ANDREA MITCHELL ... it's a gimmick.'s a $1.5 trillion tax cut... deficit impact... $2.2 trillion ...extended down the road will explode the deficit,,,

MICK MULVANEY ...So we're absolutely confident that this will lead to economic growth. It's built into our models of the Office of Management and Budget. The Council of Economic Advisors looks as it as well. But, yeah, to the extent it's a gimmick, a lot of this is a gimmick.

ANDREA MITCHELL .. economist... Douglas Holtz-Eakin said, "There's just no evidence that the tax cuts actually pay for themselves." Jared Bernstein, (Joe Biden) said, "Cutting taxes loses revenues." Greg Mankiw (Bush, 43) said, "About 1/3 of the cost of the tax cuts is recouped via faster economic growth." Never in history have we had the kind of growth from tax cuts that pay for themselves." End of quotes.

There is a lot more on this program, both pro and con, while he insisted there would be economic growth. Drag your curser over the link to copy it.

There is no evidence, therefore no expectation, that tax cuts pay for themselves. However they have been known for almost 20 years to be a "gimmick" in both crafting legislation and the results that create huge Treasury deficits and enrich the congressional donors as well as other wealthy Americans.

For most Americans the tax cuts pay for a couple cups of coffee and donuts per day. For the wealthy it's worth a couple new houses and new cars.

The cuts have put up a wall to protect the wealthy from having to pay anything towards the deficit from which they were enriched. We have noticed they are quick to fight the concept of a tax increase of any substance.

Somehow they feel entitled to empty out the U.S. Treasury.

2/17/2019 Who gets to keep and spend the U.S. Treasury money? U. S. Treasury money spent in violation of the Anti-Deficiency law (does not provide goods or services to the government) must be repaid to the government by the person(s) who spent it.

Everyone authorized to spend U.S. Treasury money is given training on how it can be spent, with the warning on how not to spend it. It can't be spent on personal use.

Money used as kickbacks for political donations was embezzled under the guise of economic growth. It was paid to the donors and others of similar economic status. The money must be paid back to the U.S, Treasury. Several individuals have stated they were coerced by political donors into giving an astronomical tax cut in exchange for campaign donations, past and future. Some donors have been identified as being the leaders in the recent tax cut initiative.

Some members of the U.S, Senate (McConnell and Tillin) made claims on tv that Social Security had caused our deficit. Social Security has earned a surplus which was illegally given to political donors in the form of tax cuts.

The money will have to be returned to the U.S. Treasury in full. Our national debt is 22 Trillion and our current spending deficit is 2 Trillion. These numbers were anticipated prior to the passing of the most recent tax cut and were manipulated to fit the "program limits" by scheduling an early end to the individual cuts while making permanent the corporate cuts.

Cooperation will not be voluntary as early discussions have revealed. There has been a claim that communist socialism is at the root of reclaiming the U.S. Treasury funds that were illegally used for personal benefit (not government goods and services.) Those funds included the Social Security bank fund which was the surplus of involuntary contributions made by American workers. The matter will have to be turned over to a government official who is known for integrity and is not intimidated by other government officials, such as Bob (Wyatt Earp) Mueller.

Five trillion in tax cuts - how much did you get?.

Senator Michael Bennet, Democrat, CO, was on Meet the Press 2/10/2019. He stated that "since 2001 we have cut taxes by almost five trillion dollars, most of which went to the wealthiest Americans. We have done nothing to address the lack of economic mobility and income inequality. We have the largest deficit in history due to the fiscal hypocrisy of a Republican President, Republican Senate and Republican House."

Clearly, there are individuals within the system who also feel sickened by it. He also had an excellent suggestion for health care which expands the options. Donors are used to getting money that isn't theirs. No current donors will voluntarily repay the tax cut money. They are giving donations for their special interests which include a good tax cut! It's the donor's best return on an investment. I read recently that a tax expert believed that President Trump used the tax code to avoid paying taxes for decades effectively adding about a billion dollars to his wealth. Congress writes the laws that govern the tax code. President Trump has frequently mentioned how smart he is - to pay as little tax as possible.

A donor of a former member of the Senate demanded he vote for the Trump tax cut or he would never again give a campaign donation. This is the true "logic" of a "big donor." It's quicksand. You can't see it in front of you. Once you have their money, they will have a list of demands and your "career" in politics is always dependent on their "generosity." A huge deficit is of no consequence to those who have cleaned out the U.S. Treasury.

A few people have said they are willing to pay more in taxes, (as small as possible). It's the same old argument that the wealthy are paying "too much in taxes," as someone else has said repeatedly on tv recently. I've heard that before. The Bush tax cuts weren't enough. The donors are relatively unknown, as they quietly acquire wealth while they pushed millions of Americans into the lowest paying jobs with no health care, while plotting for years to make social security and Medicare almost worthless.

This is the link for the Meet the Press video. Drag your cursor to copy..

What is a bad tax cut? Two trillion dollars in the red.

1. Only the wealthy benefit.
2. Wealthy donors benefit astronomically.
3. The Voters get peanuts.
4. The tax cut does not pay for itself.
5. The U.S. Treasury deficit increases astronomically.
6. The government says the stock market is up.
7. The government quotes rising job numbers.
8. The government has a scapegoat for the deficit.
  • Opposing political party
  • News media
  • Incompetent subordinates
  • Incompetent Corporate Executives
  • Other countries, leaders, trade
  • Illegal Immigrants -Wall
  • Legal Immigrants - Wall
  • Chain Migration - Wall
  • Immigrants - Crime - Wall
  • Disadvantaged - lack of initiative, no society causation
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Prescription Drug Costs
  • False Accusers
  • "Paid" protestors
  • Current events

    How to identify a bad tax cut.
    A bad tax cut will be implemented along with repeated pointing toward the scapegoats
    A diversion - such as migrant farmers - who suddenly became "rapists and murders" with the threat of imminent death, turn into an "emergency" in the minds of many, now requiring a wall. Fear prevails. They don't think about the easy availability of making or acquiring a ladder or a shovel.

    Anti-Deficiency Act and Government Regulations
    It is illegal to spend funds from the Treasury that are not appropriated by Congress. A tax cut is actually an expenditure from the Treasury without any goods or services to be used by the citizens. It reduces the Treasury balance - and it increases the deficit. There is a serious and ongoing risk of injustice in the proportioning of the fund distribution.
    It is illegal to accept goods or services that have not been authorized and appropriated by Congress (you can't work during a government shutdown).
    It is illegal to spend money when there is no money in the Treasury (deficit spending). However, money can be borrowed by selling treasury bills and bonds. Buyers of bonds need a reasonable expectation it can be paid back.
    It is illegal to give money from the Treasury to political donors in exchange for their donations/favors.
    It is illegal to give money from the Treasury in exchange for political/personal donations/favors.
    It is illegal to give corporations special consideration or contracts or use of public lands/property in exchange for political/personal donations/favors.
    It is illegal to use a political or federal position to enrich oneself or for personal gain.

    A bad tax cut is a distribution for political donors to receive astronomical tax cuts from the Treasury, literally "kickbacks," while the citizens receive the smallest distribution possible.

    A bad tax cut and poor fund management distributes money paid into the Treasury for Social Security and Medicare as payment for tax cuts to wealthy donors (on top of the red ink from tax cuts of the same kind from previous years.)

    One should expect some hostile and uncooperative responses in discussions on deficit reduction.

    Voting for individuals who have or are becoming wealthy in this system will delay a resolution of the issues.

    The kickbacks all coincide with environmental, air, climate, fuels and gun legislation issues.

    There is a legal review going on at this time regarding the Anti Deficiency Act which could be expanded.

    National Security and rope ladders.

    America flaunts her wealth in front of the poor of the world. Then some Americans are insulted that the poor of the world would literally die trying to get here so they could have three meals a day and a roof over their heads.

    Consider some new information about the southern border. People living near the border don't complain about the migrants, they complain about finding their dead bodies - of those who died trying to become an American.

    People who do physical labor have extreme physical abilities. In the Peruvian Andes (National Geographic article) is a 120 foot bridge made of rope, sticks and grass. In poor countries everyone learns to make ladders from rope. They can carry their relatives on their backs up the side of a mountain climbing up a rope ladder.

    There are multiple ways to get a rope attached to the top of any shaped wall, including hooks and branches. And they can make a wooden saddle out of sticks and vines to sit on tree branches (or metal spokes).

    Choose this day who you will serve.

    Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

    I send my sincere condolences to the Bush family.

    Several videos are available of Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and Thom Tillis (North Carolina) making tv appearances and casually explaining that Social Security caused our massive fiscal deficits. McConnell and Tillis are available to be voted out in 2020.

    Let's be cynical for a moment, the government does not want the burden of older non-working citizens getting Social Security checks for years and years. They don't want people who get sick and want to use the Medicare they paid for. It's inconvenient. That's the problem with insurance, people want to use it, according to the contract. Maybe Mitch McConnell doesn't know he will soon be one of those "unwanted" citizens, but he is trying it on for size now.

    We keep kicking the can down the road looking for way to avoid responsibility for the deficit. The Bush tax cuts (unfortunately made permanent by Obama in order to resolve a budget battle) and Trump tax cuts have caused the deficit. Tax cuts give a temporary "high" like drugs and then the bill comes in.

    Social Security is funded by an involuntary tax paid by American workers. Social Security actually pays high wage earners a higher monthly payment than lower wage earners. There is an arbitrary ceiling on deductions for higher wage earners, which could be RAISED to increase the Social Security incoming reserves. Or you can just decide part of their income tax obligation from all wage levels goes to Social Security and Medicare as an administrative policy. They don't have to be separate because both are involuntary taxes and are being spent as if they belong to Congress as one asset for all uses. It's being divided up for the sake of argument with the intent that Congress wouldn't spend it to cover tax cut liability. You just have to WANT to fix it.

    Beginning this year Social Security will be paying out more than it is taking in so the shortfall will be paid out of the magical unspent balance (in theory) of the Social Security reserves, but that is all on paper. And for those who don't watch the Congressional news, you get a story that the voters messed up Social Security by living too long and not having enough kids to pay into Social Security to cover your old age. It's a problem if you want to give a lot of tax cuts to the wealthy.

    You can search the internet for information on (1) how we got a budget deficit, (2) did the tax cuts pay for themselves and (3) where is the Social Security trust fund.

    What's the solution? You can't want the job too much. You can't sacrifice your principles so that wealthy individuals can pressure you to do things that hurt the country, We are running in the red and can't get out. You can't fit another tax cut into this deficit.

    It will only get worse because the political donors keep making demands. The wealthy are going to have to pay taxes. They can't make demands for a "wall" that they aren't going to pay for - because they are too wealthy to have to pay taxes. It's a false narrative that the wall will fix any of America's problems. The wall will only add to our crippling debt. The wealthy can't scapegoat the immigrants for everything. The wall and immigrant "crisis" create a smoke screen for how we got the massive deficits.
    One company gave away 10 million dollars from the tax cut, because they were too embarrassed to take it.

    I can't see how anyone could demand 5 billion dollars to add to the deficit for a wall that won't hold up to simple challenges. It looks like it's wood in some places. A match would finish it.

    It looks like the wealthy citizens of America OWE the rest of us Americans a lot of money in back taxes...

    No money is available for the "Wall"
    and the Republican administration is creating a "crisis" for television. We don't need a wall and it won't solve any of the racial concerns at the root of the complaints or keep out the immigrants. America is not and never was "white." Diversity is not a threat to white dominance. But you can shoot yourself in the foot.

    Breaking news
    Contact your Congressman -
    VA is cheating veterans out of pay owed them.
    What is wrong with these people?

    Priorities of the Voters:
    (1) Meet obligations to the veterans
    (2) Health Care - Define the strategy for paying for a program that covers all citizens including preexisting conditions
    (3) Protect Social Security - manage the contributions to insure sustainability - rich people can pay taxes - no more reverse welfare tax cuts
    (4) Medicare - manage the contributions to insure sustainability - rich people can pay taxes
    (5) Civil liberties, human rights, freedom of speech
    (6) Roads, bridges, etc.
    (7) Deficit - Define the strategy for paying off the Deficit - now that the wealthiest of citizens have had a reverse welfare tax cut that excuses them from paying for any federal and state liabilities
    (8) Balance the Budget - same
    (9) The Wall - there is no money left over

    No money for the Wall. Our "Deficit" can never be paid because of the Bush tax cut and the Trump reverse welfare tax cut for the wealthy - meaning they have no responsibility for the federal fiscal responsibilities. The Republican Congress thinks the middle and lower classes and the impoverished can pay for the Wall after their reduced health care coverage, reduced Medicare and reduced Social Security.

    The people who want the wall are not going to pay for it, many of them are exempt because they are "too wealthy" to have to pay more than a token tax or none at all because of loopholes in the tax law.

    We vote every two years. We are now becoming more aware of who is making "cuts" to "balance the budget" and who is receiving reverse tax welfare in exchange for their donations. This information should be made public on as many websites as possible.

    How many machine guns do you need?

    Leadership is demonstrated by a willingness to listen, to hear what is causing fear, anger, confusion - and possibly find some gold nuggets for solutions and implementation.

    What's in it for me? In the end, are you going to solve my problems?

    Are your solutions practical and affordable? Can you find the root cause of the problem? Can you identify all the issues before offering a solution?

    Nobody needs a machine gun, AK14. Military personnel say this is a weapon of war.

    I do not mean to imply that this a full diagnosis of the issue, but it is based on my observations and information from experts.

    There is a perfect storm going on around us - a person(s) having a psychotic break and a powerful weapon in hand to become the (1.) powerful hunter. (2.) defender of the home. (3.) punisher of evil. (4.) path for revenge. (5.) vigilante. (6.) macho glory. (7.) powerful movie star status. (8.) national fame on the tv news for weeks. (9.) suicide.

    Everyone experiences anxiety and anger, negative self image and other issues at some time in their life. Not everyone can find the help they need. Add being bullied, depression or not being able to cope with rejection, etc. with no visible options for getting help, direction, or relief.

    Add easy access to weapons that give a person superman strength, almost impossible to stop, while inflicting great losses and human suffering. Add the belief that killing people will actually settle some personal grievance.

    Most Americans are becoming more and more concerned about the escalating violence - and the escalation of the "shut up and buy more guns" response from the gun manufacturers. That's like saying, "buy more cocaine."

    There is no reasonable expectation that the slaughter will stop without banning assault weapons. People will need public discussion to help them accept the inevitability and necessity of making them illegal to own with serious penalties including large fines and possible jail time for possession and/or making threats against law officials, etc. There will be people who refuse to comply without serious penalties.

    Using your political power.

    How do most politicians use political power? To separate people by class. This is my observation - based on their statements and current administrative actions. If you want to run for a political office or if you want to vote wisely, you should do some research.

    I recommend you search the internet for some information about the Federalist Society. Their leader takes full credit for ALL the appointments being made by President Trump. Many of us see their goals as causing a direct financial loss, erasing personal rights and blindness towards the citizens who work in basic low-level, but essential jobs, and their families. They enrich the wealthy and leave the deficit to the families who can least afford to pay for it. Their most recent tax cut and plans to cut social security, medicare and medicaid were direct fire at the middle class, lower middle class and impoverished families.

    PBS recently had an interview on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover and Leonard Leo, PBS page
    dated October 12, 2018. Obviously, being on TV, he didn't mention any class differences or extreme views.

    Additional information is published by the Daily Beast on their website. .

    Military Weapons. The United States is experiencing an escalating slaughter of civilians that is intolerable. Civilians are being allowed to legally purchase military weapons for the profit of a few, for a seat in Congress for a few and the tunnel vision goals of the Federalist Society (which is a social class in itself). Gun sales pay a large portion of the political machine costs that keep wages down and perpetuate a school system that is based on income status and social class. It's a morbid cycle of gun sale profits being donated to keep politicians in office who are then obligated to protect even the most hideous guns for sale and keep themselves in office. It's up to the citizens to let their elected officials know - over and over and over - that this has to be stopped. There is no defense for allowing this slaughter of our children and neighbors to continue.

    The voters have to identify the individuals who are working against their safety and vote accordingly. These are all one issue. Immigrants and racial minorities are outside this "social class," as ironically are most military grade gun owners.

    To gain power and be a leader, it means being a leader of ALL the people. That isn't a "cute idea." It is a biblical commandment. Of course, what you hear about the word of God depends on the social class of the person doing the talking.

    You can find your direction by reading the Bible and pray with your whole heart.

    If you drag your cursor over the above website addresses you can copy and paste them into your browser.


    Thank you for voting. Pray for our leaders to rightly clarify the problems and find solutions.


    Pray. Reach out and touch the hand of God. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 He is inclusive, not exclusive. His solution for every problem will be different than yours, but after awhile you will get to see how He works consistently. This is an impossible journey without Him.


    You don't have to show up for every argument you are invited to.

    For instance. "The Martians are coming, we're all going to die." Or the current version, "The immigrants are coming, we are all going to die." If these people are mistreated it will create visual images similar to the dogs and water hoses that were turned against African Americans or children separated from their parents and kept in cages. Those images sickened Americans. We have laws that protect people seeking asylum. It's life and death for people living in violence.

    The "border wall" could be broken into pieces with a small wrecking ball hanging from any part of it. I'm sure there are several other ways to make it ineffective.

    There are some Scripture verses that have been twisted to defend an attack on immigrants. There is a very clear commandment from Jesus which we call "The good Samaritan" on the front page of this website.

    We have a bigger problem, we have a Republican Congress not willing to stop the sale of weapons of war to civilians. We know they have taken donation money and perks from the National Rifle Association. In America the Republican party is the source of the problem. It's life and death for people living in violence. That's why we have to vote. It's not "unfair criticism" when we say we can not accept the continued slaughter of our children and neighbors.


    Just the facts

    You do not have to give an opinion or offer a plan on every issue, especially when there is a lot of voter anger and dramatically opposing views.

    It's ok to say you are still looking for viable solutions, and that you welcome well thought out advice directed to your email address.

    People often find they have said things that were ridiculous, but they are on the record.

    Critical - Don't lose your temper.

    If you do lose your temper - don't say anything.

    Don't hold a grudge. You need to see the big picture clearly.

    Street fighters learn to attack verbally to knock you off your game.

    When you are angry you will say things that make you look bad and just plain childish.

    There are some things that almost everyone will say they "are against it."

    These are positions taken by leaders of Congress recently, but under the heading of "balancing the budget" in combination with commitments they have made to big business in exchange for cash/perks "fund raising."

    Your job is to point out the opponent is serving corporations, not voters, and how it will adversely affect the voters.

    It's an economic issue that is hidden in political jargon.

    These are blatantly obvious when explained how they are inter-related.

    Some people have an emotional investment in their political party or a particular candidate and they won't see it until they actually experience the pain. Some people are talking about the pain now that they didn't believe would occur.

    These are cause and effect.

    "We have to balance the budget."

    We actually have no intention of paying off the deficit or balancing the budget. Decades of debt have made us comfortable with it.

    Your Medicare and Social Security are being gutted to pay for continuing these policies, as promised to big donors:
    (1) Reverse welfare payments to the rich
    (2) Border wall that can't stand up to one stick of dynamite
    (3) Forfeiting of all your rights
    (4) Forfeiting of health care for preexisting conditions
    (5) Weapons of war killing kids in school and adults at work

    Our citizens don't usually follow political debates and have missed the warnings.


    About the "Wall"

    (1) Cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay for a "wall" between the U.S. and Mexico leaves Americans "homeless, hungry and sick."
    (2) There are simple easy ways to blow up the "wall" using drones, grenades and simple explosives - leaving gaping holes or knocking whole sections down.
    (3) More tunnels will be created under the wall than there already are under construction now.
    (4) Unintended consequences of refusing to live near an "illegal Mexican family" - being homeless, hungry and sick while the illegal Mexican family arrives safely by boat in North Carolina, having easily avoided the "wall."
    (5.) Using Mexicans as scapegoats for every problem in the U.S. is a distraction to stir up latent and/or blatant tribal emotions for covering up the escalating deficit created by "reverse welfare payments" to the most wealthy U.S. citizens.
    (6) Goods and services are provided to the wealthy elite by hard working people who have earned a simple retirement, and simple, honest medical care during their lives.
    (7) The escalating death rate and shortening of life span among the elderly in the U.S. is alarming.


    Barack Obama said he won the election by going to every family barbeque
    he could get invited to... in other words, you have to talk to the voters and find out what is important to them and what they want and/or need from a president. Most of us have concerns about what is happening to young girls, as the "sport" of boys, which many have admitted have been a pattern in adult life as well. If you have a daughter you know we need leadership that respects women, and respects individuals from other countries as well.

    We have a crisis looming. I'm an independent, with no political agenda. I have concerns about the health and welfare of our citizens. There has been an extreme turn downward that is enriching a few people who don't need any more money. More people have jobs now but their salaries are not sufficient to touch the mounting deficit. Many of our veterans are homeless and/or receiving inadequate medical care.

    The republican majority have stated they do not intend to reduce gun violence or support health care for pre-existing conditions or women's reproductive health. That leaves women forced to have children they can't afford - going to schools where they could be shot at or killed by a mentally ill mass murderer - with a legally purchased weapon of war. And in your old age social security might buy your groceries but nothing else, the medicare benefits will be reduced to the level that you will not receive adequate care to survive an illness. We're there now.

    Republican leader Mr. McConnell is putting everything on the chopping block if they retain a majority after the mid-term election. However tax cuts for the rich will continue.

    It appears that the less you know about Washington, the better your chances are of getting elected and not owing anything to the above mentioned individuals. You should spend some time helping people currently running for office, helping them any way you can - start now.

    Here are just some of the things you need to do to get elected president. Remember, the polls only reflect name recognition for many people, who may or may not even vote. The undecideds elect the winner. The polls have been wrong.

    Setup. You must be 35 years old, have a U.S, birth certificate, lived in the U.S. 14 years, look serious, dress like a business person and have no serious legal issues. Some high level business or political experience that shows leadership experience is necessary. You must be able to handle criticism and give it back with skill. Get to know people who understand the news media and social media. Controversy is useful, but it is two edged.

    Setup. You will need $5,000 to register with the Federal Election Campaign FEC Form 2. Their website provides instructions on the requirements for reporting spending etc. Time consuming and is best handled by someone with experience.

    Setup. Exploratory Committee. Campaign Media Team. Your campaign manager. Your website. Your supporters, ground workers, your team. Advisors on all the issues, fine tuning your platform. Non-profit organization. Talk to people you have known for a long time and ask them to back you in endorsements, phone calling, polling, admin work, setting up meetings, fund raising, creating publicity "stunts," give speeches, etc. These are the people who will become your Campaign Committee.

    Setup. Design and production of your logo, placards, promotional items to sell and give away - bumper stickers, hats, etc

    Setup. All 50 states - get on the ballot. Each state has its own requirements for fees and signatures. Time consuming, prior experience helpful.

    Strategy. Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina - the starting gate. Primaries - some states have ballot voting and some have caucuses. You have to be at 15% in the polls to enter the debates.

    Strategy. Electoral College. The popular vote is not enough. This requires expertise in planning a map for victory, which means winning 270 votes out of 538 electors..

    Strategy. Volunteering to help on a campaign for someone else is the best way to learn the system and find your team. This will help you decide mentally and physically if you really can run the race and fight the battles.

    Strategy. You have to be prepared to win - for all the hard work yet to come. And someone will lose, you also have to be prepared if that happens. There are many ways to serve your country.

    Strategy. There is a lot of valuable information to be found just by searching on the internet for "how to run for president".

    Strategy. Helping out in a campaign is the best way to learn and meet experienced people.

    How to run for Congress

    Setup. Minimum age for the House of Representatives is 25 years. Minimum age for senator is 35 years. Must be a U.S. citizen for 7 years.

    Setup. Signatures of support may be required.

    Setup. Filing fee, between $100 and $10,000, depending on the state.

    Setup. Campaign Committee similar to a presidential run, as above.

    Setup. File forms, establish political affiliation.

    Setup. Raise $5,000 and file FEC forms. Campaign treasurer must file quarterly reports as Campaign committee raises needed funds.

    Setup. Use a website, social media, direct mail. flyers, phone calls

    Setup. Fund raising is necessary but works like quicksand when you become indebted to people who are involved in "business" that adversely impacts your voters.

    Strategy. Consider voter anger towards the incumbent. Be wary of making commitments that will ultimately cause you to be removed from your Congressional seat because of voter anger. Outrageous promises tend to backfire.

    Strategy. Address the quality of life of your constituents.

    Strategy. Controversy is good - offer civil and practical solutions, not mud slinging.

    Strategy. Demonstrate you can form a coalition to solve problems with people of diverse viewpoints.

    Strategy. Consider researching issues so that your personal views can evolve to see other points of view.

    Strategy. Offer solutions - climate change, rising water temps causing more severe hurricanes, realistic causes and preventive action.

    Strategy. Offer solutions - sexual assault, cultures of alcohol and sexual exploitation, sexual harassment in the workplace, gender discrimination in promotions and pay, women's health, privacy, and domestic violence,

    Strategy - Offer solutions - education standards, teachers, transportation, security, and gun violence.

    Strategy. Offer solutions - gun violence, mental health issues, escalating incidents of mass murder (using weapons created for high volume killing in war), and legal access to guns by dangerous individuals.

    Strategy - Offer solutions - deficits, tax rates, inflation.

    Strategy - Offer solutions - budget, military, international relations, terrorism, allies, nuclear weapons, etc.

    Strategy - Campaigning - literally every place you can get your foot in the door, speak to every citizen's and religious group, every free venue - libraries, schools, people's homes, meet and greet socials, plus professional, civic, religious, hobby, special interest groups for fund raising and votes.

    Strategy - You and your committee should approach civic and religious leaders for endorsements. Many tv and radio stations will give you time for one on one interviews, especially if you have an interesting or controversial, (but realistic) point of view, which demonstrates civic responsibility..

    Strategy - Some expertise is required by at least one advisor on your committee who understands the political temperature of the district where you plan to serve. With the right emphasis on the most important problems - which are often in the news plus personal visibility, name recognition or expertise, you can overcome difficult political opposition. Your own political party can help get you valuable air time and social media visibility.

    Strategy - The right issues, rightly divided, based on voter anger and disappointment can be the winning strategy.

    Strategy - The polls have been found to be unreliable, in part because they can't identify who will vote. They contact people who are "likely voters." (C) 2018-2019


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