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Blog 109

Free Tips - Raise your art game

Design, Style and Colors are the elements of your style. If you paint the same subjects over and over you will refine your style and color choices. You will also learn how to paint for your ideal customer. Finding them will take some time and testing.

Softer colors and florals usually appeal to ladies of all ages.

Bright and dramatic colors are less predictable.

Brown, tan and rust are favorites of male buyers.

Create art that is complex enough to appear very difficult to duplicate for the average person.
You can improve your paintings by changing and adding elements, colors and design on a computer to make it more sophisticated. elegant and professional.
Even if you don't want to sell prints, this process will help your design skills for future paintings, using Copy, Paste and Brushes.
Scan your painting and open it in a computer program, such as MSPaint, which is free on most computers.

1. Design
2. Subject
3. Color
--- Very simple or very complex.
--- At least one of these three elements must be very complex.
--- Click on the painting above for a larger version.
---The picture above is a comparison of two different versions of an original and more complex painting.
--- The left version is complex in design, colors and subjects using different shapes.
--- The one on the right is more complex in colors on the bird. The flower shapes are very simple and repetitious.

4. Color choices
--- Pastels, pale blue, pink and yellow appeal to many young women.
--- Red is highly favored by men.
--- Magenta, a bright version of pink is favored by women.
--- Bright red, bright blue and bright yellow, highly saturated, are favored by children.
--- Yellow and orange are "happy."
--- Gray is favored by senior citizens.
--- Brown is often a favorite of men.
--- Green in various shades is a favorite of both men and women.
--- Blue is favored by men and women.

5. Originality.
--- A complex design will fulfill the concept of originality unless you just blatantly copy someone's whole design. You can fool novices, but experienced painters and photographers will talk about you.
6. Copying can get you sued.

7. There are a lot of works that are no longer copyrighted due to age. You can Google to find them.

8. The Museum of Art in New York has a large selection of images that are out of copyright.

9. Productivity - Upselling (more sales)
See my Blog 108 on the What's New page link on the Home Page.
--- Computer programs allow for quick and easy redesigns of a painting that will provide multiple images that are different enough and similar enough to create a series that can be used for a "designer grouping" that can be hung close together.
--- The two paintings above were edited in MSPaint, a free program om most computers.
--- I made all these changes with a computer "brush." The brushes are a little different. Trial and error are the best teacher.
--- "Undo" will delete your last action(s).
--- Holding your cursor over a symbol will give you a label for its use.
--- A line brush will create a straight line.
--- Copy will allow large and small "copy and paste" marks or shapes to be precisely selected, reduced, enlarged, and rotated. This allows you to paint one flower and edit into a garden of different shaped and sizes of flowers.
--- Borders around a picture can be dragged to the right to create a work space for making edits of various types to copy and paste onto your image.
--- Creating multiple versions of the elements of a picture allow you to save them as files and use them repeatedly in other designs, saving you many hours of work.
--- Saving multiple elements in files will allow you to change their colors and shapes and easily create complex and varied designs, greatly increasing the perception of your expertise.
--- The files are printed onto "art paper" as needed.

To be continued.

TRANSFER YOUR PAINTINGS to your computer for editing
for product production

Getting your art into your computer...

1.To increase or reduce the size of a photograph
-- for tracing or grid
-- or commercial transfer to a product.

2.To make a picture of your art
-- scan the photo,
-- home scanner priced about $50
-- 4-in-1 office scanner, fax, copier. printer about #100
-- or very carefully take a picture of it using indirect bright light.
-- it's best if your camera is shooting straight downward to take the picture.

3. You will be able to enlarge it on your computer screen using the screen enlarger capability in the computer

4. Or MSpaint which is found by searching MSpaint on your computer. MSpaint has a resize option.

5. You can take screen shots at the size you want.

6. If needed, for enlargements, you can take the screen shots in sections, print them all out to combine into one image and/or work in sections for tracing.

7. Resolution .is set in the camera or your scanner as needed. Both usually default to a larger size than you will need. This will be discussed later.

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