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  • Butterflies in grapevine
  • Heart-shaped grapevine wreath
  • Heart-shaped grapevine basket
  • Entwined grapevine hearts
  • Curtain rods made of grapevine
  • Wicker shelves and baskets
  • Quilts with lighthouses
  • Soap carvings
  • Framed Newspaper page
  • Framed Maps
  • Framed Mother's Day Cards
  • Framed needlepoint
  • Framed wrapping paper
  • Framed handkerchiefs
  • Painted Breadbox
  • Painted Mailbox
  • Decoupage/paint old suitcases, stack as tables
  • Birdcage painted white containing a hanging plant
  • Strawbrooms decorated with dried flowers
  • Framed calendars
  • Oven mitts and towels
  • Bees, Butterflies
  • Cloth dolls
  • Color balance is the secret to design.

    Wooden Carvings or Wrought Iron
  • Folk art tiles
  • Fruit trivets
  • Ceramic pie plates
  • Lifebuoy
  • Starfish
  • Fish
  • Cows
  • Geese
  • Horses
  • Similar colors are the most appealing.

    Unusual Wall Design
  • Section of lattice trellis
  • Section of a picket fence
  • Section of a country fence
  • Window shutters on the inside walls
  • Wooden Ladder with plants or other collectibles
  • Grapevine pot rack
  • Tree branch on wall
  • Tree branch on mantle
  • Tree branch curtain hanger
  • Tree branch coat rack
  • Tree branch pot rack
  • Tree branch coffee cup holder
  • Amish knick knack and curio shelves with interesting carved designs
  • Amish handmade washboard
  • Wooden doll house
  • Old boat oars
  • Old watering can with spout
  • Wicker fans
  • Seashell wreaths
  • Scarves as curtains
  • Knit or crocheted shawls or throws as curtains
  • Visual aesthetics are based on color families.

  • Wooden armoire
  • Painted wooden benches
  • Foot locker trunk table
  • Multi-shaped tables
  • Iron chandelier with roosters
  • Wooden fireplace mantle - no fireplace
  • Bed headboard from old shutters
  • Bed headboard from picket fence
  • Furniture painted to match the decor is an easy way to make old furniture look new and expensive.

    Photographs and paintings
    Many available from
  • Scenics of country fences
  • Scenics of country roads
  • Scenics of country barns
  • Scenics of country gardens
  • Scenics of country field crops
  • Scenics of country lighthouses
  • Scenics of country fields of cows, sheep
  • Scenics of country fences
  • Scenics of country old-fashioned plow
  • Scenics of country old-fashioned wagon
  • Scenics of country farmhouses
  • Scenics of country farms and barns
  • Scenics of country cottages
  • Scenics of country songbirds
  • Scenics of country ponds
  • Scenics of country daisies
  • Scenics of country wildflowers
  • Scenics of country birds in flight
  • Scenics of country mist and fog
  • Scenics of country storm
  • Scenics of country snow scene
  • Scenics of country autumn scene
  • Scenics of country patterns in nature
  • Scenics of country wishing well
  • Scenics of country berries
  • Scenics of country birdhouse
  • Scenics of country bluebirds
  • Scenics of country wetlands
  • Scenics of wetlands and migrating geese
  • Scenics of wetlands and wading birds
  • Scenics of wetlands and eagles
  • Scenics of the ocean/sea
  • Scenics of boats/ships on the water
  • Scenics of Chesapeake Bay
  • Scenics of mountain meadows
  • Scenics of mountain fog
  • Scenics of mountains
  • Still Lifes of bowls of apples, pears, grapes, cherries, bananas
  • Still Lifes of tomatoes, green peppers, brown onions, red onions, green onions, carrots
  • Entwined hearts
  • Assorted teddy bears
  • Assorted dolls
  • Closeups of flowers
  • Color may be added quickly and inexpensively with art to create the "designer" look.

    Collectible Showcases
    See Martha Stewart Living Decorating Special Edition - Sept 2003
  • Dividers on shelves to create 9 or 12 cubicles about 18 inches square for showcasing similiarly colored items
  • Collectibles can be disimiliar items if they are grouped together by color similiarity.
  • The more similiarity in color - the more stunning will be the effect.
  • Too many colors create a "chickenpox" effect and seems disorganized.
  • Fancy aquariums stacked with collectibles inside, particularly effective if there is front lighting on solid items or backlighting on glass collectibles from a light or a nearby window.
  • A dozen mirrors perched along the walls on strips of moulding.
  • Grouping of small bottles each holding a flower.
  • Multishaped clear or similiarly colored bottles on a mantle.
  • This edition had several ideas for organizing clutter, storage and carrying tools, as well as homemade room dividers.
  • It also illustrated several beautiful rooms done in green.
  • See it at your local library. is the exclusive home of
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