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"Microsoft Paint" Introduction.
Blog 108 is a detail photograph of the tools available in this free program. Click on the image for a closeup.

It has several tools that will easily transform your art into a commercial art design for prints, graphics, greeting cards, websites and more.

Search in the computer search bar for "MsPaint" and add it to your taskbar using "right click."

"Text" has a full range of options - size, color, font, location adjustment, and more. You start typing at your cursor point until the section is complete.

"Text" can be edited as long as the cursor only touches down on the area within the "text" box. You can see a "text" box as soon as you touch the screen. It can be dragged.

Once you tap the area outside of the "text" box it becomes fixed, but can be deleted with "undo."

"Text" can be centered by hitting return at the end of a line and using the space bar to move the lines into position.

"Undo" and "redo" allow unlimited corrections. They are two little curved arrows, one facing right, one facing left.

"Shape" creates an outline around several available shape options to bring attention to a feature or your text, also with size, color, font, and location adjustment. This seems to require the "undo" deletion and a start over to modify.

"Select" includes a rectangle and freeform, with the preferred option to select first "transparent" then select the area to copy, then paste the selection without any unwanted background.

"Selected" areas can be pasted, moved, rotated, flipped, increased, reduced and reshaped with multiple "undo" and "redo."

"Selections" and "text" only require that you not click outside the framing box in order to drag them to a new position.

The framing box shows a starting area that indicates moving signs when the cursor touches it. It shows a "plus sign" shape on the framing box to allow moving and a "single line" shape to change the size of the framing box.

"Brushes." There are several paint "brush" options and "size bars" (five black horizontal lines) which are something of a puzzle until you practice them.

To be continued.

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